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Welcome to Null Wiki
I was literally going to tell boiring info here but no beacuse thats soooo stupid
If we had capthas (why robots are not going to take over the world intill 21,01, 2020) we cant have bots spamming the oldest changes to just say all the thingimajigs we have
Some artile that a random person just went "oh what the heck is this article im just going to tell a stranger (REMENMBER STRANCHER DANGER!!1!one!)

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Wait there for about ∞ meneliums to see the next article
Old news article archives from ∞ BC
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Fotos like the ones in the movie "The Movie of the day stared angela!!1!!one!!
Featured Article
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Take a poll only about well who cares JUST TAKE THE POLL!!!
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Thats all yuo can stop reading